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The Best Amber Necklace to Buy for a Teething Baby

Which Amber necklace is the best for your teething baby or toddler?

An Amber necklace is a ‘go to’ for crunchy Moms when it comes to cranky, teething little ones. Many of my friends swear by them, so I tried one as well. It worked! But it was a bit tricky sorting through the cheap and the good. It comes down to quality and safety for this baby accessory.  The best amber for a teething tot, is one with the most succinic acid content. This quality comes from the oldest amber and typically the lightest in color. According to WikiHow, and a few trusted friends, Baltic Amber is the way to go and Copal Amber is the one to avoid.

Buy an authentic Baltic Amber necklace.

These should range in price from $15 – $50.

This was the one I picked and was very pleased. It came in a cute little bag and a certificate that made me feel good about the quality. The product is from Lithuania. Overall, I am happy with the purchase. In hindsight, I do wish I had bought one with a magnetic ‘break away’ clasp. It is advised to not leave children untended while wearing their necklace.. As a first time (paranoid, helicopter) Mommy, I would have been a bit more at ease to know this necklace would simply fall right off at any chance of entanglement. It does have a knot in between each bead which is great to prevent choking if the actual chord were to break. Great price, good quality.


This is an adorable gift set I found for you or if you are shopping for someone else. Also, it’s an anklet for the paranoid Momma’s like me! 😉

As a breastfeeding Mom, I would have loved to have an adult size one for little man to play with. This one is about $30, but how cute!?

amber necklace


Honestly, I think all these products are just great. I love the style. More so, I love knowing that reducing my baby’s discomfort with a natural, non-toxic product. The necklace worked great. If you are familiar with this blog, you know I avoid anything artificial like the plague! This is nature’s remedy. Some of this top quality amber is over 250 years old! I love when nature, beauty and health come together in style.


My son is now 2.5 yrs old. There were rough nights.. Little man’s molars would come in and I needed a little extra help. Seasoned Mom’s from the older generations said “Hey, just rub whiskey on his gums! It worked with you…”

Thanks guys… Some of those late nights, I really didn’t want to share the whiskey 😉 Kidding aside. I found a homeopathic remedy in my local Wegman’s called Hyland’s. The little white ‘pills’ dissolve right under their tongue. (Trust me, I freaked right after I gave them to him the first time. As a knee jerk reaction I found myself prying open his little jaws like I do the family dog. Nothing to see there folks, but a bit of residue for a few seconds. Trust me, they dissolve, and quick!)

These worked so well, a time came when he would even bumble to the fridge and point to the Hyland’s bottom when he was in pain. They really work, and fast. I felt pretty blessed to have them on hand.

Best of luck. We eventually survived those harrowing months. Extra snuggles, frozen fruit, cute teething toys and extra snuggles again, got us through to the end of his teething cycle. It was really re-leaving to know my child wasn’t turning in to a goat after all!

As always Momma’s, just do your best. Any of the $15.00 products will get the job done, quality and health standards you can feel really good about. Keep a keen eye out for “Baltic Amber”, make sure they have knots in between each bead and be attentive of the clasp. May there be less drooling and fussiness in your future!

PS. Most companies here recommend using the necklace from early on, before they start teething. I think that makes this qualify additionally as a great gift for a new Mom.

Dear Readers,

I’m curious to know which teething necklace or bracelet worked best for you. Please comment below and tell us which one you bought and which one worked best, or which one you are going to give a try. Feel free to ask questions as well. We are all here to help.

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