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Great Gifts for Hippy Moms

Do you have to find the perfect gift for a “crunchy” Momma? It’s not always easy if you you are not sure what to buy and what not to buy! Chances are you know if you do buy something with chemicals they won’t use it… But what DO you buy? Here is my favorite Crunchy Mommas Gift Set Shopping List;

Top Brands
Burt’s Bees

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Soy Candle, Lemon Verbena, 7.2 Ounce Jar


Natural Fitness Pro Burst Resistant Exercise Ball

This is the best pick. Phalate free, BPA free. Don’t know what these are. You ca read about the dangers of phalates, BPAs, Obesogens and hormone disruptors (here). And it’s great to know this yoga ball is only around 10 dollars more to go with a high quality, health optimized material. This is a great buy.



Day Three as an Amazon Affiliate

Please stay with me here as I build out the page. This is great. I have done so much research on products I would feel comfortable using on my own child. I have always wanted a way to share this research and save other time. As an amazon affiliate, I can track my own shopping and research and now, I can save you time too!

I am a single Mom on a budget. I want to buy local, american made, organic products. Sometimes it isn’t always in the budget but sometimes it costs just the same!

When you shop with my you support my cause. I am on a mission to be the best Mom I can be and in my working life I work hard to see sustainable projects implemented. Currently, we are designing a self-sustaining tiny home community. It doesn’t quite pay the bills yet. But with the good info I give you here, and your willingness to support me by buying through my links, I can make it sustainable through and through.

Please stay tuned as I build out this site! Connect with me and introduce yourself. I love to collaborate and support local businesses.

It’s been a long three days setting up the infrastructure of this site.. We are so fortunate to have sites like WordPress and Youtube. This site build out would have taken months just a few years ago! Thanks to great technology and tutorials, I am ten steps closer to the dream. If you wish to become an Amazon Affiliate, google away! All the information you need is right at your fingertips.

For now, please enjoy shopping for anything Amazon, via this link. Thanks for your support. I wish you luck in all that you do!

Shop Amazon via this link to help support our progress. You won’t be charged anything extra. Thank you for your support!


Does Colloidal Silver Work?

I am a new user and a BIG fan of Colloidal Silver! All of my hippy friends have been touting about it for years. I researched the science and really like the concept but I had never experienced it’s efficacy until now. Yesterday I had one VICIOUS hang nail! It was infected… So, I opened up my new bottle of CS and dropped it on there. I went to bed. I woke up. Thought nothing of it.. Then bam! at noon I realized I had not suffered one ounce of pain due to the pokey little bugger. The infection was totally gone! These little hang ons, that i pick and that get infected usually plague me for a good two-three days. But not this time. Yay!

Here is a quick link to the most inexpensive bottle I found online:

(I will be doing a full consumer review study on the QUALITY and what to look for in a good colloidal silver, soon! Stay tuned & Stay healthy!)


Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link and if you buy through this link it will cost you nothing extra, but to me it will mean everything 🙂 Thanks!


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