Does Colloidal Silver Work?

I am a new user and a BIG fan of Colloidal Silver! All of my hippy friends have been touting about it for years. I researched the science and really like the concept but I had never experienced it’s efficacy until now. Yesterday I had one VICIOUS hang nail! It was infected… So, I opened up my new bottle of CS and dropped it on there. I went to bed. I woke up. Thought nothing of it.. Then bam! at noon I realized I had not suffered one ounce of pain due to the pokey little bugger. The infection was totally gone! These little hang ons, that i pick and that get infected usually plague me for a good two-three days. But not this time. Yay!

Here is a quick link to the most inexpensive bottle I found online:

(I will be doing a full consumer review study on the QUALITY and what to look for in a good colloidal silver, soon! Stay tuned & Stay healthy!)


Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link and if you buy through this link it will cost you nothing extra, but to me it will mean everything 🙂 Thanks!

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