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My son is just 2 years old. And I thought I cared about product quality before?! A Mother does better research than the CIA.. So here is my take on Organic Baby Products.

We live in a new age of chemicals.. My family doesn’t understand why I care so much sometimes. They were raised in a different era. One where real food was the only food you could really buy. Food Manufacturing is a very large industry. Being a conscious consumer doesn’t require being a conspiracy theorist. I simply understand that the suit and ties that run companies, by nature, do everything they can, to maximize their profits. It’s their job.

As a Mom, its my job, to maximize my son’s health and quality of life.

I like to inspire industries and the suits and ties, watching the bottom lines, as well. Each time we buy a product for the same price or just pennies more that IS organic, we create a ripple. We bring good health to our own home and inspire large companies to expand their own organic lines. Standing for what we believe in doesn’t have to be a struggle.

You will find great deals on affordable, organic, sometimes even American Made products. Buy purchasing through my site and links you also support me to continue our research, deal hunting, quality hunting, taking great care of my son and working for sustainable community projects I believe in. This is an Amazon Affiliate site and each time you use my links to do your daily shopping, I get paid. Thank You! I work hard to select the very best product choices, for our families and our bottom lines.

I believe in you as a Mom, Sister and friend, To make the best choices for your family. It’s not always easy! Thank You for your support. I hope I make your purchasing choices educational and easy. And if you are the Mother of a newborn the most value I can add to you is, Go Take A Nap! Sleep when the baby is sleeping! But if you’re up and up to it. Take a look at these great deals and quality products I dug up for you 🙂

To shop Amazon direct for Organic Baby Products, click the link. I am posting my favorite Organic Baby Products here! 🙂


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