Who we believe in.

We believe in community. In economies that function like the most efficient eco-systems in nature. By closing the loops, buying local, supporting emerging techs and American made products, we can vote with our pennies for who WE believe in. I stand for small business owners making quality products and affordable prices, right here safe at home where our jobs belong. This site enable me and a few others to do the research for you. What do you believe in?

Personally, I am inspired by companies like Paul Newman’s and Newman’s Own for donating so much if not all of his profits to charity. Our country used to have a real deep sense of pride and patriotism in philanthropy. The legacy Paul Newman has left behind inspires me to help carry these traditions on. All revenue from this site pays me to work to see sustainable projects implemented.

I am also a bit critical at times.. This is a product review site so my Irish should fit in quite nicely among fellow critics. For one, I was a big fan of Bolthouse until I saw where they voted against GMO labeling.. I am not againsts all GMOs but I am for corporate responsibility. I stand beside local farmers as they work to balance their bottom line. But I am most of all for education, food quality and full disclosure of the foods, products and the chemical shit storm we expose our bodies to, each day. Basically I created this site for two reasons. One) I care about food and products quality. I didn’t always, but once i had my son, all bets were off! A concerned mother does better research than the CIA.. Two) I care about your families, and I care about you. I know we all don’t have disposable income falling from the sky and sometimes organic etc. can be expense. I am a single mom of a two year old tornado toddler! I am on a budget and I want to buy a product once. I want to spend not too much extra to get a true non-toxic sustainable long lasting bang for my buck. I get it. Please never feel overwhelmed by some of the things you might learn here about current toxin levels in our homes and kitchens.. We take it one step at a time, just like learning to walk! And.. sometime we fall down.. I was the over zaulous, let’s save the world with lightbulbs champion when CFLs came out! Now, I’m seeing that the mercury they contain and how that effects the entire product chains is well.. A little concerning. So, like I said, sometimes we all “fall down” and learn a good lesson. I might recommend a product and you might know something I dont! That why I built in the facebook commenting section below each product. I want to hear your review.

This is absolutely 100% an amazon affiliate site. I make money when you buy through my links. Thank You! By using these links all the time (bookmark me!;) you support a single Mom in providing for a family, rebuilding community, and working hard to see that sustainable projects are implemented, all over the country!

I love collaboration. If you are wondering if I’m open to the idea of hearing your ideas? The answer is “Yes”! Would I like to help promote your vision, your business if you are following the platinum rule? The answer is yes. Let’s all work together, one penny at a time. Please share your links, techs, biz, etc in the comment sections below RELATED posts and products. Thanks for stopping by.

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